Monday, February 14, 2011 HELL with the Environment!

I don't know what it was that set me off this time, somebody must have posted a book on facebook or something that we all need to BUY or it PROVES that we're all morally cracked...some damn thing about the environment and how you shouldn't so much as kill an ant or whatever.


The worst thing about this is that I go totally back and forth on this issue.  There are days that I like to go walking around in the woods and all that and smell the trees, etc.  But then I get bit by a damn mosquito or a wood tick and I just pull out my cigarette lighter and start a little fire and BURN the frickin' environment!

I guess what pisses me off is that most of the people who claim to be all for the environment are so completely and utterly full of shit!  I mean, if you really cared about the environment, you'd be making such radically different choices in your life that we'd never even see or hear from you.  You wouldn't be on FACEBOOK for one thing, because FACEBOOK is part of this massive global plastic and oil consuming conspiracy.  I would definitely believe that just about every true environmentalist (AKA, indigenous tribes living in the depths of the Amazon valley) have NEVER even been within a hundred miles of a terminal from which FACEBOOK is even accessible!

So just SHUT UP about the environment!  You don't give a shit!  I don't think I've ever met a single environmentalists who wasn't DRAPED with all the creature comforts of the 20th century (are we still in the 20th it the 21st century now...why the hell didn't I get the memo...oh yeah, the guy who sent it was too busy preening about how the fuck much he cared about the environment).

I think deep down the thing that drives me nuts is that there are all these random issues invented by the ridiculous media world and people decide that they have to take sides and just HATE everyone with an opposing viewpoint!  Well, between choice A and choice B there is no choice for me, so I suppose I'll just make NO choice and HATE the whole rest of the world!  What do you think of that!!!


If just ONE person provides some sort of interesting and unique viewpoint as to why they are all for the environment and the unique and interesting ways they've adjusted their lifestyle so as to accommodate this belief, then I'll change my opinion.  But what's more than likely to happen is every idiot is going to talking head regurgitate all the bullshit sound-bites that are floating through the stratosphere here and repeat them as if THEY CAME UP WITH THE IDEA!!!

God that seriously makes me furious!!!!

You see people who think they are geniuses who are just mindlessly repeating something somebody else said that they didn't even take the time to verify.  Half the time the shit these people repeat is replete with blatant contradictions, but these idiots are so self-satisfied in the delusion that this was something they THOUGHT rather than something they were TOLD that they defiantly stay with these thoughts even when you point out the error.

Actually, I'm changing my perspective once again...I'm all FOR the fucking environment, and the best way to save it is to get rid of all the people!

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