Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where to get a good Cup of Coffee in Lima, Peru

When you go to Peru (Cheap flights to Lima) you might want to get a cup of coffee!  Well, if that happens, you'll be in luck because Lima is a GREAT city for drinking coffee!  However, most of the really great Peruvian coffee shops are somewhat off the beaten path.  You have to more or less know you're there, otherwise you'll be enticed into some horrific Starbucks or other American monstrosity like a McCafe, and you'll miss out on 99% of what could have made your voyage to Peru a wondrous and remarkable one!

Well, over the years, I've done articles on several good places in Lima to get a cup of coffee.  As I was compiling this list, I was struck by how "Streets of Lima" has changed over the years.  My old articles used to be actually interesting and informative with many pictures and even MAPS to show you where to go!

These days I just select a picture and then write on some usually unrelated tangent.  Oh well...  At least you have these OLD articles to enjoy!

This is by no means a comprehensive list, it just happens to be several of the coffee shops that I used to hang out at with directions as to how to get there.  This way you can have some GOOD coffee in Peru instead of that Starbucks swill:

Hot and Cool:  This is a sandwich shop more than a cafe, but Julio the chef makes a great cup of coffe.  Go up to him and say that you're a friend of Benjamin (Owen's friend).  You'll be treated well.

San Antonio:  This is a Peruvian chain of cafes and the food as well as the coffee is utterly delicious.

Gianfranco's Cafe:  The service can be a little slow here, but the ambiance is nice, and they have good ice cream.

Arabica: A nice little cafe a couple blocks from the Ovalo de Miraflores.

Mel's Cafe: Nothing Special, but it's not Starbucks at least.

Haiti: I shamelessly love Haiti.

There are a bazillion more, so feel free to put them down in the comments below, or, better yet, send me pictures and addresses so I can write future articles.  Enjoy your trip to Peru (American Airlines Flights)!

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  1. I've been to Lima on a number of occasions and have been subject to some terrible coffee. Most of the coffee I've been forced to drink was instant. I only wish I had heard of your suggestions before today.

  2. I can't live with out a good cup, anyone know of any good coffee shops in Comas / Los Olivos where I will be staying next month???

  3. Never! delete all! the best coffee ever is at Cafe Gianfranco, Av. Angamos Oeste 598 - Miraflores. The ver best italian stye coffee, capuccino, decaf, Gianfranco (with a twist), great friendly ambiance, and excellent food to top it all!

  4. Gianfranco is on the list psycho!