Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where to Buy a Sapo Game in the USA

As many of you know, I am a Sapo afficionado (and I'm pretty frickin' good at it too!). However, since Sapo isn't all that popular here in the US, I guess your only option is to fly down to Peru to play (cheap flights). However, since most of you probably aren't going to fly to Peru (you should seriously...and not just for the Sapo, although that's a big part of it), there is another option that I've recently come across in the form of a company in Canada (I believe) that is willing to sell a Peruvian Sapo game and ship it to your door.

I know...I know...It's amazing.

The guy contacted me in the form of a spam comment on my web page...but I figured this was just too good a story to pass up, so I'm expanding on it. Truthfully, I've often thought it would be fun to import and to sell Sapo games, and frankly, I think it can be done for a lot less expensive than this guy is charging. Anyway, his web page appears to be called La Grenouille (must be a French Canadian) and here's the link that will take you there.

Still, for the money I think you'd be better off flying down and helping the people of the sacred valley rebuild after the recent flooding. So go off and get your flights with LAN (or Taca if they flew down there...I don't know if they do) so you can enjoy a bit of Sapo soon!

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