Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nasty Pictures of Peruvian Models Appearing on the Back of Cheap Magazines

Sigh...that chick's got a man face!

One of the funny little things about Peru is that whenever you get into a taxi or whatever, the driver will inevitably offer you a magazine like the one shown above for your reading pleasure as he takes you off to some dark alleyway to kill you (, actually that doesn't happen, well, not anymore than it happens anywhere else). The magazines the guy gnenerally offers you are these trashy "Aliens Abduct Senator's Baby and Replace Him with Robot" type of productions, all of which have a two or three page spread of some ridiculously nasty looking girl in a scandalous bikini.

I don't know about that "girl" in the picture above. Seriously back in my single days, I would have just stayed the hell away from something looking like that. I seriously think it's a guy!

Well who knows? When you get close enough to tell for sure then it's already too late, so I suggest just not knowing and staying way the hell on the other side of the room. Generally the thing you look out for when trying to determine whether a woman is or isn't a transvestite is whether she/he is as tall or taller than you. Look, if he/she is towering over you on flat feet then the chances are...

Also watch out for an Adam's apple...

Large hands...

And a penis...

And don't take the proffered magazine to "read" when it's don't know how many "hands" it's passed through.

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  1. Taxi drivers in Lima have degrees but due to the underemployement, they are limited to taxi around. These colorful newspapers which are abundant in the streets of Lima, are a break from the laborious and traffic infested streets.
    Like it or not, this is what makes Lima, simply a colorful city despite its grey skies. I'm a proud Peruvian living in the US for over 10 years married to an American and as a woman I can honestly say that I look forward to seeing these papers in my streets. There is no sexual repression as there in the US, despite being a catholic country, we have the understanding that if you want to check stocks you dont buy this paper, but do so if you are looking for segments of brief articles (which not all are fake, those crazy stories are what makes Lima) and entertainment.

    P.S The girls who appear on the last page of these papers are NOT considered models. These are usually for the most part dancers, who are looking for attention at any cost and seem to be lured to soccer players.
    These are not La Creme de la Creme, if you get my drift, but they are part of our colorful culture and we are more than fine with that.

  2. You should be glad paola ruiz, the girl in the photo cannot speak english! haha she is a very popular among people of the lower class here

  3. lower class??? naaaa everybody want to fuck those chicks hehehehe